What is an Ecolodge?

Enjoy the beautiful nature at Abundancia Ecolodge.Abundancia Ecolodge complies with most of the proposed International Ecolodge Guidelines noted below. According to Hitesh  Mehta, an ecolodge is an “accommodation facility that satisfies at least five of the criteria listed below, three of which must embody the main principles of ecotourism.”

Those main principles are:

– Conservation of neighboring lands

We are working with the neighboring villages to keep large scale commercial fishing off the river, so the abundance of fish will remain for the local people to feed their families and survive. We support patrols to meet these ends.

– Benefits to Local Communities

By providing medical and other supplies and services described in our Cristal Corazon Health Project (About Us)

– Interpretation to both local populations and guests.

We are educating villages and guests about steps to minimize the ecological impacts of tourism and ways to create sustainability in daily life and projects to foster preservation of the jungle and its wildlife.

Enjoy the beautiful nature at Abundancia Ecolodge.


Hitesh Mehta’s Ten Ecolodge Criteria

1. Helps conserve the surrounding flora and fauna

2. Tries to work with the local community

3. Offers educational interpretive programs to both its employees and tourists about the surrounding natural and cultural environments

4. Uses alternative, sustainable means of water acquisition and reduces water consumption

5. Provides for careful handling and disposal of solid waste and sewage

6. Meets its energy needs through passive design and renewable energy resources

7. Uses traditional building technology and materials wherever possible and combines these with their modern counterparts

8. During construction has minimal impact on the natural environment

9. Blends with local physical and cultural environment through careful attention to form, landscaping and color, as well as the use of local traditional architecture

10. Contributes to sustainable local community development through education programs and research

Abundancia Ecolodge in Peru.

In our ongoing blog, “Hello World” we will be elaborating more on how we are continuing to meet the ecolodge criteria above and how our forthcoming plans will satisfy these criteria to even a greater degree. As we look forward into the future of the planet and the creatures that live on her, including humans, it is crucial at this juncture of history that decisions are made that sustain and not destroy, for the future of mankind.

Enjoy the beautiful nature at Abundancia Ecolodge - Amazon Jungle Retreat Center.

“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

– From the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy,Turtle Island (North America)

Preserving the beauty and abundance of the jungle is a principle we are proud to be part of, to us it is not a choice but a necessity