“Abunduncia Ecolodge is a one of kind lodge in the Iquitos region. It´s a beautiful, peaceful escape from modern life. I felt as if I were going back in time as we took the motoboat up the Mazan river, the villages on the side of the river getting smaller and smaller, and finally giving way to pure jungle. At the lodge I experienced the most profound tranquility and connection with nature that I have ever experienced in my life. I did not hear or see any traces of modernity except for the occasional small peque-peque motor of a boat in the distance. Other than that, it was pure jungle. The staff were very attentive and the food was great! Miguel is the best jungle guide one could hope for. He was raised in the jungle and still spends much of his time fishing there with his tribe. He speaks very good English, and has plenty of fascinating and exciting stories to tell you about the hidden secrets of the rainforest. He also has eagle eyes, and during our birdwatching canoe trip, he was able to spot many animals and birds from a distance that I would not have seen otherwise. His knowledge of the plants and animals of the jungle seems to be endless, he knows many medicinal and other interesting uses of plants and animals in the jungle. I really enjoyed being so close with nature and experiencing the ¨real¨ jungle, far away from other lodges or tourists. The lodge is remote, near an island, so you will not see anyone else, aside from the staff at the lodge, unless you venture further down the rivers. All in all it was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I immensely enjoyed it and would recommend it.”

– Stephanie Oney