Guidelines & Recommendations

Extra music or noises: We recommend leaving your electronics in your hotel to fully enjoy and absorb the mood and sounds of the jungle. If this suggestion is disagreeable to you, please bring earphones, so as not to disturb the other guests.

Energy and electricity: There are no generators due to the noise and ecological impact. We have showers and running water in the bathrooms and kitchen. We do have some solar power at the lodge, so bring rechargeable batteries. If you bring non-rechargeable batteries AA or AAA are best, consider this if you are buying a new camera. Please take all batteries back with you as they do not have battery disposal programs here in Peru. We have solar lights, so we use them but the ambiance of candles and fuel lamps is many times all that is needed. Use your flashlights at night so large bright lighting does not disturb the nocturnal insects and animals routines.

Recycling is practiced, so we have separate receptacles for organic waste,goes into the compost, burnable, paper/plasticand returnable(to the city) metal cans or glass bottles. Plastic is reused many times before disposed of and we are trying to phase out of as much plastic as we can. Bring yourself a stainless steel water bottle if you want to help in this area.

Smoking is allowed only in the designated area of the lodge for the safety and comfort of our other guests. Smoking in the boats or canoes is strictly forbidden.

Respecting wildlife and their habitat is important, so we have a look but not touch policy regarding the animals and do not allow removing plants from their place in this ecosystem unless guide approves for eating with meals.

Insect Repellent: While 30-35% DEET is highly effective, DEET in high concentrations is dangerous to human skin and the water supply; another option is to bring a repellent based on natural ingredients with documented effectiveness and safety. Again research the information and make your decision.

Responsibility of personal belongings: Is your responsibility, we will be helping you carry and transfer the bags. It is recommended to carry all baggage well closed with travel locks and with personal identification. Small or valuable objects such as video or photo cameras, binoculars, bags, umbrellas, should be kept secure in a small bag close to your person when traveling.

Documents: Customers must be in possession of valid passports and visas required by the Peruvian government. Keep in a waterproof bag or make a copy and leave the original in your hotel for the whole of your trip or adventure and shall arrange such vaccinations as are normally recommended for the areas they travel.

Immunizations, Injuries and Insurance: the Center for Disease Control international travel site, WHO (World Health Organization), and other health and travel websites discuss the vaccine and medication recommendations for this jungle area. Inform yourself of the risks and recommendations of various reliable sources and make your choice. Jungle tours are considered adventure tourism and even though we take the utmost safety precautions, accidents or injuries can occur. We recommend medical travel insurance that includes protection for emergency evacuation, accident and coverage for sickness and medical expenses. In addition, there is coverage for trip interruption, trip delay, and baggage loss.