Fly Fishing in the Amazon Rainforest for Peacock Bass, Piranha and other tropical Amazon fish

Abundancia Ecolodge offers one of the greatest Amazon fly fishing adventures of your life.

Located in the Amazon basin of Peru in a very biologically diverse area this ecolodge is tucked away behind a natural river island. The area offers perfect environmental conditions and an ideal habitat for the legendary peacock bass(tucanare), bountiful piranha and numerous carnivorous fish species that will attack your lure, bait, or fly.

The peacock bass is known for its aggressiveness and acrobatics when hooked and avid anglers will love this guy! The Mazan River, a tributary of the great Amazon, provides access to remote jungle lagoons and river oxbows. Two anglers per small boat and 4-5 persons in our larger boat will be guided by our experienced guides.

Our team also includes local guides who have a wealth of knowledge of both the Mazan River and the surrounding area. We encourage sustainable fishing by having a strict policy of only allowing the use of single barbless hooks, catch and release, or consuming at the lodge. We are the only lodge on the river so your only competition will be with the pink and grey river dolphins and the kingfisher.

Anglers while on these waterways, will have the likelihood to view various wildlife, such as monkeys and colorful exotic birds. In the peak of the dry season, dugout canoes are used to access the small jungle streams leading to hidden lakes, at times portaging in the jungle. For any fishing trip, this area is an absolute jewel; at each bend of the river is another magnificent view of the jungle.

Despite the remote location, this ecolodge offers comfortable accommodations built with local materials in a native design. Private bungalows with private bathrooms and showers or double/triple occupancy in the main lodge offer a spectacular view of the island and river. After your fishing day relax at our floating bar with a cool tropical drink, beer or wine while observing our amazing sunsets and listening while daylight jungle sounds change to the nocturnal concert. Meals are prepared by our staff in a variety of ways, chicken, beef and of course fish are deliciously cooked in Peruvian and regional style, accented with local fruits and juices.

You also have the opportunity to have your catch superbly grilled and served. We invite you and your fishing group to join us at this special place where your big catch of the day is waiting! We offer a wonderful trip at a good price, so come on down!

Visitors catch fish in the Amazon jungle.