Ayahuasca Retreat Center

The retreat center offers Ayahuasca ceremonies and Ayahuasca retreats in the Amazon jungle in NE Peru.The jungle itself is a deep mysterious, magical place. She holds secrets deep within her belly. Her strong plant medicines have been used for generations to cure humans, animals, and birds. Plants have been used to protect gardens from pests and symbiotic relationships abound. The correct mixing the sacred plants create increased awareness and magical visions that are shown to the shaman and those who drink this viscous brew. The shaman uses his shacapa(leaf rattle), mapacho(pure, natural tobacco) and powerful icaros(songs), mariris(protection), yachay (guardian messenger), arcanas(blowing seals of protection), during the ayahuasca ceremony.

Authentic, traditional Ayahuasca retreats for 8 days are arranged with our well known and respected elder shaman, Don Antonio Montero Pisco at our remote jungle lodge (retreat center) on the Mazan River.  We work with Don Antonio as he is respected in many places of the world for his integrity, knowledge and experience with medicinal plants. He has assisted prominent authors of published research and other texts regarding plants of the Amazon.He has led groups of researchers, pharmacists and ethnobotanists into the Amazon jungle sharing his extensive knowledge of  herbal medicine and shamanism. We invite you to  read  Antonios Story . During the 8 day retreats you participate in three ayahuasca ceremonies, and receive flower/fruit baths and mud treatments, a botanical walk  with Don Antonio.  The focus is on healing your body, mind and spirit. We also can arrange an extended stay for 2wks that incorporates a dieta(a simple but strict diet for purification) and more of an intensive working with master healer, Antonio.  You drink specific plants to learn their voices and receive healing from these transformational plants. For those persons with serious illnesses, Don Antonio works individually with you on diet, treatment with medicinal plants, ayahuasca ceremonies and spiritual healing.  His wealth of training and knowledge of almost  70 years has helped heal many people including children.

We also offer individual Ayahuasca ceremonies in or near Iquitos or in the jungle village of Mazan.  Mazan is an hour boat ride down the Amazon and we use a Maloka(you sleep in the Maloka and return in the morning).

Cost:      $75 Iquitos         $90 Mazan(minimum 2 people, transport included)

There are ways you should prepare your body,  so do your research prior to your decision. This is serious medicine and physical and spiritual purification and there are risks and benefits to this experience.  There are some medical conditions(such as heart problems) that would preclude using Ayahuasca.  Don Antonio instructs you should  not mix medications with Ayahuasca, so you will be asked your medical/psychiatric and medication history, and then will be asked to stop your medications for a few days prior to your retreat.  Some medications you cannot stop, so we would advise you that you are not a candidate for Ayahuasca at this time.  Your safety and healing is our paramount concern.   Become informed, knowledge is power.

Our retreats are presently offered as 6day( 3 ceremony) or 8 day (4 ceremony) retreats. Basic dietary rules are followed We advise coming the night before and staying at one of our many hostels/hotels in the area. We have a small hostel www.cristalcorazon.com  On the day of the retreat we meet at the office  of Jungle Man Expeditions, Calle Nanay #130 at 8am


These are the starting dates for the 6 or 8 day retreats:           May 23       June 1       July  20     August 2     August 23  

Prices for the 6 day:  $780  and   8 day  $980.  Discounts can be offered for groups.

**************Specials  for May 23 and June 1 retreats prices will be reduced to $720 for 6 day and $900 for 8 day 

The minimum participants is 4 and the maximum is 8.  Additional retreats will be added, so check back with us.  The master shaman will be assisted by facilitators who help you in this medicine journey

This includes transportation from your hostel or airport to the lodge, all meals while in the lodge,(keeping in mind the day of the ceremony it will be a light lunch and no dinner), accomodations in the main lodge(double and triple), or private bungalow at Abundancia Amazon Ecolodge(JME) for the nights you are there  Guided excursions, hiking, paddling, fishing, observing/swimming with dolphins, wildlife observation, and bird-watching will be offered  during your stay.  The focus will be on on contemplation and relaxing introspection  to facilitate the inner work of this plant medicine. Paddling around our enchanted island and the nearby area is an activity full enjoyed.   The shaman will take you on a medicinal plant walk, and provide clay and flower baths as well as a fruit bath.  You are suppported in this healing and cleansing process, by knowledgeable and experienced curanderos and other support staff.  Feel free to contact us!

For illnesses, extended diets and  healing are on an individual basis after evaluation of your condition.  Write us at junglemanexpeditions@yahoo.com