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The Abundancia Ecolodge is constructed almost totally from natural jungle materials from the Amazon.Comfortable lodging and excellent food await you and your group at our traditionally built ecolodge/retreat center, constructed almost totally from natural jungle materials from the Amazon. We used and continue to use sound ecological principals during construction, using dead and down trees whenever possible and selective cutting for the few trees that are needed.


The Abundancia Ecolodge is constructed almost totally from natural jungle materials from the Amazon.Education of the jungle people about issues that impact them is one of our goals. One example is plastic bags and bottles, though still fairly rare, with time they may become more prevelant, so understanding their proper use, reuse, and disposal is crucial. People from the two nearby villages, Visto Bueno and Gamitana provided different leaf for the varied roofs and palm tree parts for the walls. We used and continue to use village labor when possible. We also buy agricultural products from them such as yucca, bananas, and other fruit, to serve you tasty meals. All these activities contribute to their ability to live a traditional lifestyle and thrive.

We are truly an ecolodge and included in this is our deep respect for nature.We are truly an ecolodge and included in this is our deep respect for nature. We used great care during the building phase of the lodge and our policies and actions reflect our continued respect for the creatures that live here. We have a look but not touch policy regarding the animals, as we feel we can observe and enjoy them without disrupting their natural rhythms.

During our Amazon jungle treks we are careful to minimize our impact, so as to preserve the jungles’ pristine state for future generations. We also work with the nearby villages to keep commercial fishing away from this area.

The people at Abundancia Ecolodge work with the nearby villages to keep commercial fishing away from this area of the Amazon jungle.A study done on the upper Rio Mazan referred to the area as a “Jardin de Abundancia” (Garden of Abundance). The name for Abundancia Ecolodge was born acknowledging this fact and also our firm belief that our actions today can affect the future. We want our actions to keep the hope of “Abundance for All” well into the future. In this economically poor area, at times it is difficult to maintain this focus, but as goods (food, money, leaf , trees, boats) and services exchange hands, slowly but surely good things are happening.

We are firmly committed to sharing our bounty and knowledge in ways that focus on sustainable tourism and care for the Mother Jungle, her plants and creatures. We stress the care of the river and her waters are paramount, as we all know and teach water is life. Abundancia Ecolodge is native owned and operated.

Miguel Pizango - Abundancia Ecolodge - Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Amazon jungleMiguel Pizango is a bilingual native guide who has been guiding and translating for many years.

At a very young age, he began helping his mother with her large garden. As he grew, he became an expert hunter providing food for his large family. He became known as one of the best hunters in his village. Though he no longer hunts animals, the skills of tracking, prompt recognition of sounds smells, and minute movement of foliage make him an excellent guide. Introduced to tourism at a young age, he apprenticed with one of the well known guides at that time, and then he continued to work for various tour agencies over the years. He is the founder and owner of Jungle Man Expeditions, EIRL.  It was his vision to share his love for the Amazon jungle and her creatures by building this amazon ecolodge, so tourists could come from around the world to see the unspoiled jungle, creation in harmony while enjoying the comfort and ecofriendly environment of the lodge. So working along with his large family and the help of the local villagers Abundancia Ecolodge was built. His plan for minimal use of manmade materials was followed, to provide a traditional but comfortable experience for our visitors. We strive for a decrease in kitchen plastics, using traditional ceramics when possible. Miguel also used a variety of materials in this jungle construction, for roofs and walls, so visitors could experience the bounty of the Amazon jungle and the ingenuity of her people.

Edgar “Kiko” Pizango - Abundancia Ecolodge - Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Amazon jungleEdgar “Kiko” Pizango – Miguel’s brother was the main construction partner with Miguel during all building phases and was the excellent chainsaw driver who provided almost all the straight lumber you see used. He continues to work on construction and provides guide services for our customers.

We acknowledge Miguel’s mother, Merina, and his brothers, Alan and Paul. Almost the whole family was instrumental in completing the lodge.  Not one single power tool was used, instead hand fitting each piece of wood into the final construction. Both his brothers, Alan and Paul provided more jungle carpentry skills. Merina, preparing and growing food, keeping the family fed and happy and was a great support.

A special acknowledgement and appreciation for their father Miguel Pizango, Sr (1944-2011) for his knowledge of carpentry and boat building. He had a special gift in using natural materials in an artistic way to create structure and design beautifully. His cheerful smile and skills are sadly missed by all.

Starr Cross - Abundancia Ecolodge - Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Amazon jungleStarr Cross has been a homebirth midwife and later an RN specializing in obstetrics and rural healthcare for 27 years.

She has been a manager/supervisor, leading the way for family centered care at the hospitals where she worked. She was a childbirth educator, CPR, and neonatal resuscitation instructor, and breastfeeding educator. She was an active member of MANA (Midwifery Alliance of North America), chairing their Ethics Committee for a term. She was also involved in her OB RN organizations and was an advocate for mothers and babies during her entire career. Almost four years ago, Creator guided her to her destiny here in the Amazon jungle of Peru. Then life evolved into her helping to create Abundancia Ecolodge by donating the necessary manmade materials for the construction. Her focus is to assist women and families on this river with their healthcare and other needs and hopes in some small way to make a difference.

Cristal Corazon (Crystal Heart) Health Project

Cristal Corazon (Crystal Heart) Health Project - Amazon jungleFrom teaching dental hygiene and passing out toothbrushes, to buying medical supplies and medicines, as well as providing school supplies for the children, helping in what is needed is the goal of this project. A hand up, not a hand out is one of our philosophies.

Education about issues that influence or will influence them as progress and plastics come their way is one of our goals. Teaching ecological methods for dealing with these changes is laying the groundwork for the future.

Cristal Corazon (Crystal Heart) Health Project - Amazon jungleWe just completed delivering family planning information and supplies to the three villages on the Rio Mazan. Women had requested this at one of the early meetings. The Peruvian government is enlightened in this respect as they provide free contraception for those wishing it. Families are very large here and the extended family unit is very strong. Children are very well loved, but as the fish populations begin to decrease and the population increases the value of education is increasing, family choices are changing. Some villagers are moving to the larger villages and even Iquitos. These outreach programs assure every family is supported in their choices. Unfortunately, many women in the Amazon jungle have no transportation and/or gas, to go downriver to the clinics where physicians, midwives, or a tecnico(similar to PA), can perform the required and necessary health exam. By working with the doctors in the small town downriver, they allowed the lodge boat to transport a health care person to these villages. So as we provide the transportation and daily sustenance for the health care person, these families can get this need met. We are hoping to continue to provide this support for other needs.

Future plans are for various health screen clinics to be provided by physicians from Peru and other countries, until economic stability is acquired, hopefully by sustainable means. The villages have their promotores de salud(designated healthcare persons) who can dispense medicines and administer shots. We work directly with them and by listening to the needs of the villagers, we are hoping for an increase in health and quality of life for these families. We share information and education about the medicines we dispense and give other health maintenance and disease prevention information. Projects forthcoming are for construction of proper latrines using ecological toilets methods. We give them the education and tools and it becomes a community effort.

We also provide school supplies for the children here and are soon expanding our assistance by our volunteer program to teach English.

Cristal Corazon (Crystal Heart) Health Project - Amazon jungle

****** A portion of all profits go to assist directly to buy these items, but donations of goods or services are always appreciated. Contact us.

Cultural Exchange

By respecting cultural differences, as well as exchanging knowledge, a great benefit can be gained by both cultures. Hence, the local indigenous and curanderos, who know plant medicines, can share this information by walking with us, identifying and explaining the various uses of these plants and other healing methods.

In this way, a healthy respect for both cultures and teachings can be gained. We hope to have more local people participate in similar ways, reviving some of the skills of the few remaining artisans as they share their fiber weaving skills to make functional beautiful bags and baskets out of the plant fibers and natural plant dyes that are plentiful here.