Welcome to Abundancia Ecolodge

I am so excited to welcome you to this very special place in the Amazon jungle! From the very first time Miguel Pizango, (an excellent jungle guide and wonderful person) brought me here I could feel the sacred energy of this place. This is the only lodge on this river. Tucked away behind a small island with parrots and other birds flying overhead, you feel like you have returned to the Garden of Eden. Fishing is so easy here, even novice fishermen can catch the abundance of species that exist here.

Miguel and his family have joyously constructed a beautiful lodge and the help of our friends at the villages was greatly appreciated also. The intention of this lodge to be a place of recuperation and healing, reconnecting with pristine nature and allowing peace to flow within. We will begin to offer workshops and retreats in various topics and will use this blog to inform you of them. Our prices are very reasonable and all inclusive, so most can afford them, but we will have changes and special offers so stay tuned.

We are beginning our volunteer program and encourage those who want an active role, learning about the jungle and her people, to come and help us materialize our hopes and visions. We are planning projects to help the villages on this river, teaching about health matters, teaching English in the schools. Miguel and the other guides put you and your wants and desires first, so your trip is all you dreamed it would be! We encourage those who stay here to write in the blog or in the testimonials, we want your opinion! Right now the water level is dropping and the fish are many so it is the prime time for fishermen or those who enjoy tasting fish.

So come on down!!

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  1. Bill Grimes April 4, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    Hello Star,

    I am just now learning the details about your wonderful lodge. Andy Metcalfe is with me here giving me the guided tour. Very nice, and a good website also.

    Your group of 7 or 8 that are on the way today to Abundancia Lodge, (great name) stopped in at the Dawn on the Amazon Cafe for dinner last night and breakfast this morning, and they are really nice.

    Best of luck on your enterprise.

    • Starr Cross April 5, 2012 at 1:01 am #

      Yes, its quite exciting, I love my beloved jungle so much. Miguel is wonderful with the tourists as he shows his caring for the creatures and plants. The dolphins are becoming less shy raising their pink humps quite out of the water. Fishing season is wonderful there, all varieties, from peacock bass to brim, catfish, never knew there was so many species.
      Yes I sent the tourists your way, they had been eating chicken and only chicken in the mountains. Lets face it peruvian jungle cuisine is the best. They were ready for some variety so i mentioned you. Thanks for your kind words. I am hoping 2012 will provide abundancia for all!!

      • Starr Cross April 5, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

        To make it clear to readers, fishing is not that great during high water season which is now, But as the waters slow and lakes dry the fish that came during high season are concentrated. So beginning May continuing to mid or late October, it just keeps getting better. “Like shooting fish in a barrel? Almost! I invite all anglers to come check it out!!

  2. Starr Cross April 29, 2012 at 12:22 am #

    well Im happy to report our lodge is above water unlike several other lodges in Iquitos. Just found out one camp offers boots to walk to your bed in for a “real jungle experience” No, our lodge is quite safe from the now decreasing waters. It was a good test as this is considered the highest water almost ever around Iquitos. Many homes are flooded totally and others people have too sleep on platforms built above the water. The tenacity of these jungle people is amazing, they talk all these struggles with such ease. So the lodge is beautiful , the monkeys are all around the lodge making various noises. Its starting to warm up as we begin to see the water go down and the weather heat up. Each season offers different challenges and blessings. So come on down…and explore this special place!!

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